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FAQ When Planning a Visit to Key West

Will you be visiting Key West during Fantasy Fest or any other time of the year? Here are some FAQ to make your visit a little easier.

What Florida County is Key West located in?

Key West is in Monroe County, the southernmost county in the United States. All the South Florida Keys are part of Monroe County, which consists of 3,737 sq miles. The Monroe County seat is Key West.
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How much is Florida Sales Tax?

Florida Sales Tax is 6%. Taxes in Florida tend to be high since each county can add a descretionary sales surtax.

How much is Sales Tax in Key West?

The discretionary sales surtax for Key West and all of Monroe County is at 1.5%, bringing the total sales tax for Key West to 7.5%. This tax rate is in effect until 2015. FYI, Sales tax in Miami-Dade County (the next closest county to Monroe County) is at 7%.

How much is the Tourist Development Tax in Key West?

This additional tax that is charged for accommodations such as hotels, bed & Breakfast and even campgrounds is sometimes referred to as resort tax, bed tax or tourist tax. For Key West nightly accomodations, this tax is at 12.5%. So if you have a room that costs $200 a night, the total with taxes will bring the room charge to $224.


What time zone is Key West in?

Key West time zone is Eastern Daylight Time.

What is the weather like in October in Key West?

Key West average temperature in October is a high of 85° F and a low of 76° F with average precipitation of 2.64 inches.
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Are there Hurricanes in Key West in October?

Atlantic Hurricane Season is from June 1 to November 30.
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How Far is Key West from Miami?

Key West, which is connected to Miami by U.S. Highway 1 is approximately 150 miles from Miami.

How Far is Key West from Orlando?

From Downtown Orlando, it is around 400 miles to Key West. Driving time is close to 8 hours.
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What is the Zip Code for Key West?

The Zip Codes for Key West, Florida is 33040.

What is Telephone Area Code in Key West?

The City of Key West, Florida has the 305 area code.

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